Get Your E-Money In Egypt In Same Day
Get Your E-Money In Egypt In Same Day
Admin 25 Mar, 2023

After the success of Cashat Money services in Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia, we now offer our services in Egypt, which contains many freelance service providers, and they get their money via the Internet in international banks and electronic wallets such as (PayPal - Payoneer - and others) and they find it difficult to receive their money in Egypt. As for the exaggerated fees When transferring or because of transferring at a lower exchange rate than reality, or because of the long period required to receive cash.

Now via Cashat Money, you can receive your money in Egypt.

Cashat Money is the easiest platform that you can use to transfer money from online to cash with the minimum fee and the maximum rate and receive your money on the same day, 

it's a very easy steps, and everything is clear. place your transaction on Cashat Money, transfer the E-money ( PayPal, Payoneer, Cards, and more) from your account to our account that will appear to you in the steps, and after a few minutes, we will process the transaction, and deliver the cash money to you as you request.

You can receive your EGP money in Vodafone Cash, Orange Cash, Etisalat Cash, and Instapay. So you have full flexibility to choose the best method for you and we are working on more methods that will be available as soon as possible.